Implementation Services

Implementation services

Evam Labs' implementation services has a proven track record that has helped organizations with timely and effective roll-outs and reap benefits in a shorter time frame.

Our consultants have rich experience in HRMS & payroll and CRM. We provide in-depth gap analysis and product selection services, data migration, training, as well as integration and compatibility services. We work hand in hand with your in-house team to deliver the best experience possible.

Why Evam Labs?

Our implementation services address the following :

Transparency: Our client's expected requirements and deliverables are made clear throughout each sequence - the sales, evaluation and implementation services.

Comprehensive Solution Analysis: Our clients get a detailed brief on how the chosen solution will help solve their current and future needs. Information gathered during this process is shared throughout the implementation stage ensuring everyone has a clear understanding of each client's unique requirements.

Implementation Expertise: With substantial experience in both global and domestic markets for products from vendors like Oracle, SAP etc. to our home grown PulseHRM for the domestic market we are suitably qualified to partner with our clients in their quest for "value" from their implementations. A set of solution accelerators facilitates quick implementation in the form of reusable assets from our past experience of over 100+ implementations, optimized usage of tools & templates and updated methodology.

Data Migration Services: Our data conversion and migration services help in smooth transition from your legacy systems. We take care of compatibility issues as well.

Client Specific Training: A software is only useful if you know how to utilize it (to its maximum potential). Our consultants provides end-user training to the core personnel with the system configured just before 'go live'. This way end users are not stuck with a software which is too sophisticated for them.

Roll-out/Deployment: Our consultants will provide go live support and process improvement initiatives on deployment. Any additional configuration if deemed necessary by the client is dealt with in this stage as well.

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